An Eagle Poses In Front Of The Camera Next To The Woman He Perceives As The Great Love Of His Life

Birds are among the natural kingdom’s most secretive and skeptical species, yet when they are shown affection, they will always know how to express gratitude. This reaction specifically inspired Lohwana Halaq, a Filipino caregiver who has been in charge of the care and conservation of a rare species of eagle for 5 years.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation runs a refuge where Sinag, a Philippine eagle, resides.

It turns out that this creature does not get along well with anybody other than its human carer and mother. There are other members of its kind in the area.

Even though, in reality, Sinag has designated the lady as her spouse, according to caretakers and industry experts. It’s uncommon to witness a man engage with a young woman the way he does with her.

For his part, Lohwana doesn’t give a damn if the bird views her as his wife or girlfriend. The girl fulfills her duties with the utmost love and devotion because she is happy to be able to do so.

Halaq is aware of the challenging circumstances facing these birds, which the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Government of the Philippines claims are among the biggest and longest in the world.

The threat of extinction is latent since there are only around 500 specimens in existence.

“The destruction of its habitat puts the Philippine eagle in danger of going extinct. The juvenile individuals won’t have a territory to preserve their species if this condition continues. According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Government of the Philippines, hunting has also contributed to the population drop.

The ease with which Sinag interacts with his trainer and how assured he seems in front of the camera indicate that the bird is healthy and accustomed to being around people. This specimen, however, is devoted to Halaq and does not want to displace it, therefore let’s not let that sway our opinion.

She may be seen in the video below being interested and content while being an eagle at the sanctuary being protected by her boyfriend.

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