Are The Flying Dragons Exist, And Here Is The Answer.

There are Pterosaurs called “Draco” and “flying dragons,” and they are a real miracle of nature.

Amazing real life little Dragons

You’ve probably been told dragons are mythical beasts. After all, a flying, fire-breathing reptile could never exist in real life, right? It’s true no fire-breathing dragons have ever been discovered

If you journey to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, you’ll find that flying dragons are far from mythical.

Flying dragons belong to the Agamidae family of lizards and they live in the tropical forests of South East Asia.

The lizards have a set of ribs extending from their sides, connected by thin membranes of skin that form highly effective gliders.

Here is a stunning collection of photographs of them.

They gracefully glide from tree to tree and come in different colours.

These lizards will never grow, they are have 8 to 10 inches long. They rarely touch down to the ground unless it’s time to breed, at which point the female lays her eggs in a hole in the ground before returning to the skies.

They can glide from tree to tree with ease and reach distances of up to 60 meters while decreasing in height by only 10 meters.

The majority of their food consists of insects, such as tree ants.

Their beauty seems to be something out of this world. And this animal will surely leave you in awe.

These majestic creatures can reach incredible heights while gliding through the treetops.

The ‘mating’ process starts when the male uses his membranes to attract the females, which then leads to the process of ‘mating’.

When the female lays eggs, it makes a small hole in the ground and lays about 4-5 eggs, covers them with soil and leaves. The female only stays with the eggs for 24 hours. After that she abandons them and climbs back to the tree.

Each species has a different way of going about things, however.

However, they all have one feature in common.

Their attractiveness seems to come from another dimension entirely.

These animals are certainly a beauty of nature that seem out of a fairy tale.

The next time someone tells you dragons aren’t real, show them this story.

Amazing little creatures nature at its best…

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