Bunnies Believe The Golden Retriever Is Their Mom And Snuggle Up To Her For Protection!

Look at her eyes – sooo precious

Some animals will frequently choose the first person they meet as their mother. That can result in some hilarious situations!

Golden retrievers are stunningly beautiful dogs with a smooth standard golden yellow coat and adorable faces. But it’s extremely rare for a dog to be as gentle and sweet as Bailey!

She is a wonderful mother, full of patience and a desire to love her children.

She adores these little creatures and is eager to become a wonderful mother! When these naughty babies climb on her and find a perfect nesting place in her fur, she doesn’t feel at all uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

Bailey doesn’t play a mother with one or two small bunnies, but with 22. The adorable baby bunnies feel safe and play around Bailey.

Bailey treats these bunnies as if they were her own, sniffing, cuddling, rocking them to sleep, and even cleaning them as a real bunny mom would!

The moment Bailey and her baby bunnies were shared and melted millions of hearts, it was really cute to the extreme!

Bailey has a soft spot in her heart for her owner’s pet macaw, in addition to 22 rabbits. They are fantastic pals!

Check out the video below to see how amazing Bailey is with the bunnies and birds; hopefully, it will brighten your day!

Golden Retrievers consider all babies as tenderly as we consider them. Goldens are just the best of a wonderful species.

God bless them all. They’re super cute…!  Please SHARE to pass on this story to a friend or family member! 

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