Deputy Comforts Injured Dog After Being Hit By Car Until help arrives

Being kind is not a surprising thing as people born with kindness but they damage it by days. However, this couple from Florida is a perfect example of the kindness. Deputy Joshua Fiorelli found a dog that got hit by a vehicle and tried to comfort her.

You can see in the video below that the Deputy took of his jacket and covered the dog, that was desperate for help, with it. Many dogs can be defensive when they get hurt but the kind act of the Deputy let the dog know that he wants to help her.

The police officer even sat beside the dog and started petting her waiting for help. Carlos Irizzy saw the kindness of the police officer and took a photo of it. The police officer said that he helped her as she was cold and wet and no person was around her.

The dog was then taken to Osceola County Animal Shelter to receive treatment and medications. She also needed a surgery, but all the staff believes that she will make a full recovery. She will stay at the shelter for 3 days as she does not have a microchip.

If no owner came to take the dog, she will be available for adoption once she is completely healed.

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