Soldier Reunites With 13 Year Old Dog – His Reaction…OMG!

Elderly dog cries with joy when she sees her best friend returning from the army.

It was an emotional reunion for Army private Hannah Foraker and her elderly dog Buddy. It definitely will warm your heart and even bring you to tears.

Foraker, 21 years old, went for a 3-month basic training in the army, and had to leave behind her 13-year-old Golden Retriever Buddy.

It was a big change from her “sheltered” upbringing in Cleveland

Hannah’s heart ‘grieves’ as she has to say ‘goodbye’ to her best friend Buddy.

It is really touching…!

When Hannah came home for Christmas after being away at basic training for three months, she couldn’t wait to see Buddy.

Her dog Buddy could barely contain her excitement and happiness  she saw Hannah again.

For a moment, it seemed as though Buddy became a young dog again. He was just so excited to see his favourite human. And the feeling was obviously mutual.

Heartwarming. Nothing like the love of an dog

Foraker is hopeful the ailments will not affect her chances of seeing Buddy when she returns home again in November.

Buddy is hard of hearing and suffers from arthritis. Both conditions developed over the past year.

We bet you can’t get through this video without crying!

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