The Donkey, Having Been Rescued From An Lrish River, Was Filled With Happiness.

Animals are amazing, and it is our duty to protect them.

The donkey smiled because he could not hide his joy after being saved.

But don’t worry—this story has a happy ending! Mike was saved by Animal Heaven Animal Rescue using nothing more than a tiny dinghy and an orange life buoy. So keep scrolling!

On Sunday, a call about a drowning donkey reached the Kerry, Ireland-based Animal Heaven Rescue Center, and rescuer Suzanne Gibbons quickly went to the scene.

A volunteer with a boat was called after via a Facebook post from the Center. Because of the river’s severe flooding, Gibbons said, “At first, I couldn’t find anyone willing to help me get in.” Fortunately, Gibbons soon received assistance from two local men.

He was trapped in a ditch on Sunday when a nearby river burst its banks and flooded, threatening to drown him.

Mike Fleming of the Killorglin Rowing Club and rescuer Suzanne who runs AHAR, they managed to get a life ring around the donkey’s neck and drag him to safety

Mike The donkey was so happy, and you probably have never seen a happier donkey.

Look at grin!! haha.

At Suzanne’s home, Mike is currently getting well after his trauma while being well treated.

“He slept under a heat light and we had a veterinarian examine him since we were concerned he would develop pneumonia, but this morning he appears well”

Mike was only able to escape from his stable because the wind blew open the gate; he is loved by his owner and is well-cared for.

He has fully healed and is again in top condition.

Mike deserves a good life, so I hope this situation won’t happen to him again.

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